ESPN Just Entered Full FREAKOUT MODE After Seeing NFL Numbers

Republicans continue week after week to bash the NFL and the players who are peacefully protesting racial injustices in the form of kneeling during the national anthem. Meanwhile, Trump is taking to the podium in an effort to appease his Alt-Right base by claiming that Americans are going to start calling it Christmas again. In reality it’s all part of a much bigger smoke screen intended to divert American eyes away from the bigger issues.

Republicans are claiming that the NFL is struggling big time after they have decided to support the athletes who have and continue to protest the National Anthem. The truth is they are losing their fan base, which is causing an enormous drop in ratings, because Trump told his narrow-minded supporters to stop watching.

Week 4 for the NFL showed just how bad the ratings are getting.  ESPN is feeling it with a 10% lower rating than the September 25th game of the Cowboys and Cardinals. This is not something that the league is used to.   Although the numbers are low for this most recent evaluation, the ratings will continue to drop if Trumpsters continue to blindly follow the moron-in-chief.

It’s sad that one of the nation’s greatest sports is taking a massive hit all because we have a racist President who would rather see an entire industry (one that he once tried to compete against and lost – coincidence?) collapse than allow racial equality in the US. This is all part of Trump’s MAGA plan.

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