NASCAR Living Legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. Officially Set the Internet on Fire with One Powerful Tweet, Trump Is Furious! [Tweets]

Following Trump’s remarks last week, in which he called NFL players who protested during the National Anthem “sons of b*tches,” NASCAR sided with Trump. Several owners vowed to fire any staff members who decided to protest during the playing of the anthem at this past weekend’s race. Yet, the opinion of one powerful voice within the NASCAR community stood against the rest.

Of course, Trump patted himself on the back in the following tweet:

“So proud of NASCAR and its supporters and fans. They won’t put up with disrespecting our Country or our Flag – they said it loud and clear!”

However, star driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. isn’t on board with Trump.  He instantly shut Trump down in a tweet of his own by quoting John F. Kennedy on “violent revolution.”

Dale Jr. tweeted:

“All Americans R granted rights 2 peaceful protests
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable-JFK”

NASCAR critics warned Dale Jr. not to take any steps further due to the complexity of the issue.  Dale agreed, but pointed out that “some team owners spoke on this.”

Trump’s war on protesters is an attack on the First Amendment.  Players have the right to peacefully protest and have made it clear that they have no intention to insult members of the military.

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