Outrage After George Clooney Blasts Donald Trump — Conservatives Are Going Nuts

Harvey Weinstein now faces numerous allegations of sexual assault and harassment that span over the decades that he worked as Hollywood producer, but Clooney claims it goes beyond the film industry, in fact it goes all the way to the White House.

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“What people love to do is the culture of Hollywood … but it’s all over, because it’s pervasive,” he said to News Breakfast.

In 2005 a recording of Trump bragging that “when you’re a star” you can “grab [women] by the p***y” surfaced during the presidential election campaign.

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“Something good has to come out of this, and what that has to be is that women have to feel safe to come forward,” Clooney said.

“This can’t be three months and then it becomes the Harvey Weinstein joke and then it’s over. That’s not OK.”

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Clooney went on to say that Weinstein had confessed to having affairs with actresses, but said he “took a lot of that with a grain of salt.”

He also blames news organisations for knowing of the accusations, and choosing not to publish them.

“Who got book deals from the Weinstein company? Who got advertising dollars and how much from the Weinstein company when they had that story?” Clooney said.


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