Mindless Trump Supporters Deliver Brutal Message To Atlanta Falcons — Players Are Stunned!

With NFL athletes peacefully protesting racial injustices in the US by kneeling during the National Anthem and President Trump criticizing them every chance he gets, things have hit a new low. The league has already decided not to penalize the athletes for their protests. But because of Trump’s continued assault, the NFL is starting to witness just how many mindless Trump supporters there really are out there.

Most NFL fans are fully behind the players and their right to peacefully protest. They don’t see their actions as anti-American or disrespectful. Instead, they understand that by protesting in this fashion, they are creating an awareness around an issue that has long been swept under a rug.

However, some fans of NFL have been brainwashed by Trump’s rhetoric and have chosen to completely abandon their favorite teams and the NFL as a whole.

It’s truly a sad state of affairs as this is not only a demonstration against the NFL but also sign of how easily some Americans are willing to give up their freedoms.

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