Anderson Cooper Officially Blasts Trump For Attacking Obama’s Legacy – Trump Is Furious!

Since Trump can’t muster up the support to pass even one piece of meaningful legislation, he’s using executive orders to dismantle former President Obama’s legacy.  Yes, the reality TV president is that pathetically petty. CNN’s Anderson Cooper called Trump out hard for devoting most of his time to undoing Obama’s hard work.  Cooper said on Anderson 360:

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“Never though have we seen a president so seemingly bent on reversing, negating, even obliterating his predecessor’s signature accomplishments.”

Cooper continued, “If you want to know what President Trump is against, you only have to look at what President Obama was for, and in all fairness none of this should be a surprise. He campaigned on much of it, and if nothing else he’s keeping his promises now.”

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“What may be surprising though, or at least is being widely debated, is how much of this is personal,” the host added.

Trump just ended Obamacare subsidy payments, which will effectively destroy Obamacare after he said that he would allow it to “implode” following the GOP’s failed attempt to pass its “skinny repeal” through the Senate.

The president also undid the deal Obama brokered with Iran in the international nuclear deal.

Watch Cooper speak the truth below:

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